Happy Habits

15 November 2023    By Carolyn Usher

The Happy Habits project stemmed from the Covid-19 pandemic and explores the ways in which people can recover from this challenging period by cultivating happiness into their daily routines. Happy Habits was delivered in the Netherlands by our sister company Inova Aspire and works in partnership…

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FLY-IN:Addressing Financial Literacy needs of Young NEET women towards their financial INclusion

11 May 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  FLY-IN: Addressing Financial Literacy needs of Young NEET women towards their financial INclusion" is an Erasmus+ project aiming to support young women not in education, employment and training to become financially literate. Five partners have gathered from all around Europe to work together for…

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T-SHIRT – Tools on Supporting the Fight for Issues of Gender Traditionality and Disparities

9 March 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  T-SHIRT: Tools on Supporting the Fight for Issues of Gender Traditionality and Disparities This Erasmus+ funded project focuses on issues relating to gender traditionality and disparities and, in particular, how these issues are tackled within an educational environment. Over the course of 2 years,…

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9 February 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  The Mumpreneurship Erasmus+ funded project seeks to help the skills development of mothers who also run their own businesses. The project focuses on providing toolkits and training on key aspects such as leadership, entrepreneurship and self-advocacy. This project aims to promote social and gender…

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Inclusive Business Launch Pad

9 February 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  The project “Inclusive Business Launch Pad - An Accelerator Programme for Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs in Microbusinesses” aims to develop a programme that can support microbusinesses to access training and group support that will enhance their ability to innovate and expand business ideas and export opportunities across the…

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FENCE – Fighting gENder bias and Contributing in gender Equity

20 December 2019    By Eric Wijmenga

The FENCE project aims to reduce the negative impact of gendered stereotypes. Stereotyping limits the development of natural talent amongst both men and women as they are forced to comply with gendered expectations. It is expected that through the targeted actions of the project, there…

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Mindful Managers

15 December 2017    By Eric Wijmenga

In the European Union more than 40 million people are affected by work-related stress. While employment is beneficial to our mental and physical health, it can also have negative effects on people’s wellbeing. Partners in the UK, Belgium, Cyprus and Finland have gathered to develop…

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4 December 2017    By Eric Wijmenga

The Qualify project develops coaching and mentoring among support workers to help them support long term unemployed people.  The Qualify project aims to revolutionise professional guidance and explore coaching as a tool to support low-skilled unemployed people to reflect on blocks and obstacles to their decision…

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12 September 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The aim of the EmpoweringYou project is to promote political and social participation of young EU citizens through the design and development of an interactive gamified platform. Its main objectives are the following: • Educate and equip young EU citizens with civic skills, through an…

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17 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

Fostering gender-mainstreaming in VET for the ICT sector. The Gender-IT project aims identify and contribute to gender-mainstreaming in Vocational and Educational Training (VET) practices in the ICT sector. Its specific objective is to build a sustainable multistakeholder network at a European level which will actively…

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