1 December 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

ServiceDigiCulture Leaflet ServiceDigiCulture Newsletter 1 ServiceDigiCulture Newsletter 2 ServiceDigiCulture Newsletter 3 ServiceDigiCulture Newsletter 4 ServiceDigiCulture uses service design and service innovation to help individuals and companies in cultural and creative sectors create such services, transform products into services or create service additions, which can also…

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10 February 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  The "MentoraSTEAM- Boosting Migrant Women’s Employability in the STEAM Sector" project is a three-year Erasmus+ funded project (2020-2023) which focuses on highly skilled migrant women's employability in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) sector. It seeks to raise awareness and improve understanding about the challenges migrant women…

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Create Future

9 February 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

The Create Future – Creating Support Models for Participation in Future Work Life project is an Erasmus+ funded project which focuses on the creation of a diversity toolkit for employers, career guidance professionals and support workers to enable them to use the latest coaching models…

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Mindful Ageing

9 February 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  The Mindful Ageing Erasmus+ Project seeks to develop resources and training programmes to aid older EU citizens (50+) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The project focuses on an array of aspects including promoting positive mindsets, improving mental health, building resilience and reducing the potential of wellbeing issues…

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20 December 2019    By Eric Wijmenga

ParENTrepreneurs aims to develop an innovative model of promotion of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education based on the key concept that education, and in this case entrepreneurship education, happens everywhere, particularly in those environments where first education is provided (family). Over the course of the project,…

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4 April 2019    By Carolyn Usher

Reboot - Rebooting, Re-Rooting and Re-Skilling Unemployed and Underemployed Higher Education Graduates for Work 4.0 The Reboot project aims to increase the employability of both unemployed and underemployed HE graduates. This will be achieved through an online training programme that will help HE graduates to…

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3 January 2018    By Eric Wijmenga

The objective of the Kaleidoscope project is to facilitate entrepreneurship among migrant women living in the EU.  Currently migrants and especially migrant women are much more likely to be unemployed or under-employed compared with EU citizens. The training model the Kaleidoscope project provides concentrates on…

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Mindful Managers

15 December 2017    By Eric Wijmenga

In the European Union more than 40 million people are affected by work-related stress. While employment is beneficial to our mental and physical health, it can also have negative effects on people’s wellbeing. Partners in the UK, Belgium, Cyprus and Finland have gathered to develop…

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17 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The ECVET4Practitioners project aims to facilitate and promote student geographical mobility as a recognised and integrated part of Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification programmes within the hospitality sector. The project aims to achieve this goal by developing a mobility network in hospitality which will…

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3 August 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The IBIS programme is specifically focused on driving innovation in brand new start-ups. It is an initiative of the European Commission to develop a pan-European approach to growing start up businesses. Inspired by the previous European Business Growth Catalyst (EBGC), IBIS has been developed to support the…

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