Green Business Seniors

30 April 2024    By Carolyn Usher

Empowering the 55+ Generation in Green Business The Green Business Seniors project aims to create a flexible and dynamic training and mentoring pathway using digital tools, shaping the skills and knowledge of seasoned entrepreneurs for a move to successful Green Business ventures. Green Business Seniors is…

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T-SHIRT – Tools on Supporting the Fight for Issues of Gender Traditionality and Disparities

9 March 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  T-SHIRT: Tools on Supporting the Fight for Issues of Gender Traditionality and Disparities This Erasmus+ funded project focuses on issues relating to gender traditionality and disparities and, in particular, how these issues are tackled within an educational environment. Over the course of 2 years,…

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Create Future

9 February 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

The Create Future – Creating Support Models for Participation in Future Work Life project is an Erasmus+ funded project which focuses on the creation of a diversity toolkit for employers, career guidance professionals and support workers to enable them to use the latest coaching models…

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InterMED Project Participant

7 February 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

The InterMED project aims to promote intercultural management and relationships in the workplace. There have been two pilot training programmes for this project across the partnership. In this testimonial, one of the InterMED participants provides feedback for the training programme and the project. In addition,…

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SMS Project Participant

24 January 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

The SMS project aims to support migrant women on their path to social inclusion. The project partners developed an innovative learning methodology where learners engaged in Social Media training modules, followed by Mentoring Circles™️ sessions. The SMS Project is co-funded by the European Union and…

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20 December 2019    By Eric Wijmenga

Happiness@work aims to increase satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. It has been found that happy people are more successful, develop a strong sense of purpose and form authentic, cooperative connections with others. This project incorporates Martin Seligman's groundbreaking research into Positive Psychology and wellbeing.…

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3 May 2019    By Eric Wijmenga

EDGE (Enhancing Disabled People’s Greatness and Employability) is a new Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union. This 3-year project started in September 2018 and it supports young people who have intellectual and relational disabilities (ID). Unemployment rates within this group are more than twice…

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14 December 2017    By Carolyn Usher

Project title: FeedBack - Developing the practice of feedback to enhance learning through arts Overall Aims: To create innovative learning resources about the practice of feedback, supported by arts-based learning methods and deployed through different digital media, methods  and techniques. Target group: Educators, Trainers and…

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Skills 4 Succession

7 December 2017    By Carolyn Usher

The goal of our project Skills4Succession is to support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in setting up succession plans for leaving the control of the business from one generation onto the next. In Europe only 10% of all entrepreneurs have succession plans in place. Studies point…

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SMS: Social Media = Social Capital

23 November 2017    By Carolyn Usher

Project title: 'Social Media = Social Capital. Building Social Capital & Inclusion for Female Migrants through Social Media' Overall Aims: To develop an innovative learning methodology where learners engage in Social Media training modules, followed by Mentoring Circles™️ sessions. Target group: SMS is expected to…

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