SMS Project Participant

24 January 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

The SMS project aims to support migrant women on their path to social inclusion. The project partners developed an innovative learning methodology where learners engaged in Social Media training modules, followed by Mentoring Circles™️ sessions. The SMS Project is co-funded by the European Union and…

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Social Integration of Migrants and activation of Paths for Learning and Employability (SIMPLE)

20 December 2019    By Eric Wijmenga

The SIMPLE project focuses on the psychological well being and the social integration of migrants who have been traumatised in their migration journey, with specific attention on women. The project aims to tackle the psycho-emotional issues that occur as a result of migration, as previous…

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10 April 2019    By Carolyn Usher

ELYME - Entrepreneurial Labs for Young Migrants Across Europe Research has found that migrant entrepreneurship has become one of the driving forces of the growth of national economies, with a direct impact on employment creation and innovation (OECD, 2010, Desiderio, 2014). In that scenario, immigrant…

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