15 November 2023    By Carolyn Usher

The #DigitSafe project aims to empower young people to become digitally resilient citizens. It provides tools to enable young people to address some of the challenges and negative impacts of the digital era and promote a broader and deeper understanding on some of the challenges and negatives…

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FLY-IN:Addressing Financial Literacy needs of Young NEET women towards their financial INclusion

11 May 2021    By Eric Wijmenga

  FLY-IN: Addressing Financial Literacy needs of Young NEET women towards their financial INclusion" is an Erasmus+ project aiming to support young women not in education, employment and training to become financially literate. Five partners have gathered from all around Europe to work together for…

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20 December 2019    By Eric Wijmenga

DigitFit has been developed by a European consortium in order to combat the mental health issues which are prevalent amongst those who have grown up with the internet. The project aims to work with young people, and especially those who have a problematic relationship with…

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Youth Employment Initiative

5 September 2019    By Eric Wijmenga

Youth Initiatives for Employment is a project that shares experiences and good practices between European organisations that have developed their own initiatives, projects, tools or methods to improve the employability of young people. This exchange is a way to support improvement within this field amongst…

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