Gamify Your Teaching, or how to help students and create entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of a healthy economy. We aim to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in students through the use of ‘gamified’ technologies.


‘Gamification’ is the practice of using game principles and techniques to enhance education. It has been growing in popularity with educators as an answer to the challenges of keeping students engaged in and out of the classroom. We believe ‘gamification’ has great potential in helping students learn practical skills, like entrepreneurship, which require more than just studying theory and taking exams.

This is why for the last two years Inova has been part of the ‘Gamify Your Teaching’ project, involving partners from Romania, Poland, Italy, Greece, Lithuania and Spain. Our consortium has produced a great online game designed to help teachers introduce the principles of entrepreneurship to students. You can play the game at:

If you want to learn more about ‘gamification’, the ‘Gamify’ website contains great materials on the concept. You can also find wonderful guides on how it can be implemented in and outside the classroom. If you’re curious about the statistics for entrepreneurship in Europe, check out the results of our research. We have also shared some great stories from the pilot testing of the game. You can find all of this on the project website.

by Eric Wijmenga

Co-Director/Finance Manager

Eric is Inova’s Co-Director and Finance Manager. He is also the founder and director of our subsidiary Inova Education, an educational marketing and recruitment agency, established in 1996 and working across LATAM. Inova Education delivers services in partnership with UK HEIs, British embassies, national funding bodies, the British Council and Chevening teams across LATAM.

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