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A fabulous international workshop!

Taking our next steps to design new learning resources, our project partner Regenerus hosted an international  training event for teachers, trainers and facilitators at The Investment Centre from 17th to 21st June 2019.

Participants from the UK, Portugal, Italy and Slovenia shared their perspectives of feedback, tested a range of arts-based learning approaches which can be adapted to create a more effective feedback experience and were introduced to the beta version of the Digital Tool Kit currently being developed by project partners.

We invited local organisations Ykids and Liverpool John Moores University Student Enhancement Team to present their feedback challenges, so our trainers could apply their learning, putting their new knowledge into practice to design new art-based solutions to real scenarios.

And WOW, did our participants get creative, doing their research, appreciating each context and considering the “actors” to come up with some fantastic ideas, which our case study organisations were delighted with.

Inova Feedback Project Feedback Project

The FeedBack project is all about developing the practice of feedback using arts-based learning approaches. Learning resources will be useful to Educators, Trainers in formal and non-formal learning environments & also to HR professionals.

The workshop was also an opportunity to begin to build our community of educators who will be seeking out opportunities to apply the learning approaches developed during the project in different educational contexts.


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by Carolyn Usher

International Project Manager & Trainer/Coach

Carolyn joined Inova in 2011 and is a Project Manager, trainer and coach. She is passionate about development and supporting people to achieve their dreams. Carolyn has a PGCert in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University, BA in Communication and Cultural Studies and a MA in Cultural Policy and Management.

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