Posts from May 2020

New leaflet for the Reboot project out now!

26 May 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Check out our new leaflet for the Reboot project, focusing on upskilling higher education graduates for the new EU labour market!

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FENCE – The Fight for Gender Equality

21 May 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Introducing the FENCE project! Click here to learn more about the project and the reason why FENCE is so important in today's society!

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FemTalks Forum – May Newsletter

18 May 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  Read the next FemTalks Forum newsletter here to see what's been happening lately and what's to come!

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The Art of Feedback

15 May 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

  We hear about feedback all the time; constructive, positive, negative, the ‘feedback sandwich’, summative, formative, or process orientated. Employers and teachers place importance on the art of giving feedback. It can help an individual on their journey of self-development and improvement. But how do…

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InterMed’s Fourth Newsletter

4 May 2020    By Eric Wijmenga

The fourth InterMed newsletter is now here. Check it out here to find out more about the project!

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Achieving a Mindful Lockdown!

1 May 2020    By Carolyn Usher

Our latest newsletter focuses on how to use Mindfulness, to stay positive in this challenging time. To see our top 5 tips on achieving a Mindful lockdown and more news from Inova, read our newsletter here.

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