Upcoming Opportunities in 2022

16 November 2021     By Eric Wijmenga
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Inova Consultancy is happy to announce that we have some exciting opportunities for you to be a part of in 2022.

Whether you are interested in mentoring opportunities, training or a family well-being programme, we have something to suit your needs!


A programme to support micro-business managers and employees in their satisfaction, happiness and sense of meaning at work. There will be a series of 3 group coaching sessions that will help you reflect on and evaluate your current happiness at work.

Testimonials from previous sessions:

I am able to progress with little steps, I can share my small achievements with the group, I can be supported by others in the network.” – Anonymous 

Reflection is necessary for happiness and health.” – Natalie, UK

*Free* – Online, until further notice.

The Matca Way

A programme that will help you find simple ways to build resilience and discover stillness in your everyday life. We will help you explore a new way of living and give you the space to listen to your needs and experience peace and relaxation.

Testimonials from previous sessions:

“Marina’s guidance through the self-hypnosis process was brilliant. I would strongly recommend. Thanks to the excellent facilitation of the meeting, I felt the common energy of the group and the opportunity for each of the participants to share their own experiences. Thank you, Marina!” – Anonymous

“The sessions are excellently delivered by Marina. She is very helpful, caring and understanding. These sessions have dramatically changed my life and I practice Mindfulness daily.” – Anonymous

*Only £15 per session with additional ticket options to suit your needs.* – Online.

Calm Parents, Happy Kids

This programme explores how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your day-to-day routine and encourages reflection on your family life.

Testimonials from previous sessions:

“Excellent session! Really enjoyed everything that was covered and really key tools which I can use in my parenting of my teenager!” – Anonymous

“Absolutely brilliant. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it exceeded any expectations that I had.” – Anonymous

*Only £10 per session with a discounted recorded ticket option available*. – Online.

Create Future

A new programme for career advisors, employment advisors, support workers and volunteers to explore NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), strength-based coaching and positive psychology when working with individuals who are facing challenges. These may include disabilities, being a lone parent or migration issues etc.

*Free* – Online, until further notice.


A workshop for stakeholders and young people where we will share materials and exercises developed for the Value project. The materials are designed for youth workers, coaches or trainers working with young people who are struggling with unemployment and personal challenges. We will be inviting both those working with young people (youth centers, charities, job centers etc.) and young people to be the first to try out the materials.

*Free* – Online, until further notice.


All our programmes are facilitated by expert coaches and trainers with extensive experience and qualifications.

To express your interest in any of these programmes, please fill in this short form. We hope to see you there.

by Eric Wijmenga

Co-Director/Finance Manager

Eric is Inova’s Co-Director and Finance Manager. He is also the founder and director of our subsidiary Inova Education, an educational marketing and recruitment agency, established in 1996 and working across LATAM. Inova Education delivers services in partnership with UK HEIs, British embassies, national funding bodies, the British Council and Chevening teams across LATAM.

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