Mindfulness Circles at Inova

Written by Yasin Hussain

With the multiple stressors of modern life, taking care of mental, emotional, and spiritual health is becoming increasingly important. Mindfulness and guided meditation can help to regulate emotions and clarify your thoughts during what would otherwise be a hectic routine.

As someone who had the opportunity to attend a recent guided meditation session by The Mindfulness Circle, here is my experience and 4 reasons why I think you should consider joining the Mindfulness Circle throughout your well-being journey:

A safe space for all

Being in The Mindfulness Circle felt like being with a group of individuals who are actively rooting for you to grow and heal: a mentoring/support group without any hierarchy. The sessions start with a check-in with each member to ask them how they have been feeling over the past week. This gives individuals the time and the safe space to open up about what they may be struggling with in life; something that is hard to do as adults with multiple responsibilities. It also helps build self- awareness and the ability to identify areas in your life that may need attention. Members intently listened to each other and provided encouragement as well as comfort; valuable foundations for genuine connections to form. The sessions are held consistently as well, which is what ultimately makes The Mindfulness Circle feel more like a community than just a class you’ve signed up for.

More insight into behaviour patterns

Have you ever thought about why you act a certain way, be it at work or in your personal life?

The session sparked discussion about human behaviour patterns by covering topics such as neuro-linguistic programming and the significance of body language. It was clear that the program aims to empower women to strive for personal/professional growth by introducing topics such as “how to set up goals”, “stopping procrastination: readjusting the all-or-nothing mindset” and “how to manage limiting beliefs”. The content was delivered in an interactive and conversational way. It felt like having a casual chat and not like I was stuck in a course class. Testimonials and real-life stories shared during the class make you feel less alone in your struggles, especially when they come from people your age or your seniors.

A healthy dose of self-reflection

The session used coaching tools such as the Wheel of Life to help attendees do a life audit and really see which aspects of their life may need more focus in the future. This is a very important activity as it can help individuals accepts certain parts of their life that may be hard to face. I’ll use myself as an example: as a stressed-out, full-time university student with part-time jobs, the session I attended made me reflect and realize the level of pressure I put on myself on a daily basis. It made me realise that I not only need to work on my communication skills but also need to seriously take out some time to relax.

Guided group meditation: A moment of collective peace

The best part of the session for me! Attendees were set up to gently slip into a guided meditation as calming music played in the background and everyone closed their eyes. As a self-identified workaholic who struggles to sleep, by the end of the meditation, I was dangerously close to drifting off into a state of deep sleep and waving my intern task list goodbye for the afternoon. Thankfully I recovered in time, and no one noticed. However, the activity left a great impression on me to the point where I plan to pick up meditation as a weekly self-care activity from July onwards.

The Mindfulness Circle serves as a safe space for growth, genuine connection, learning, and recuperation; a space that every person needs for a healthy life overall.

You can register for the Mindfulness Circle Programme here:

Wednesday Mindfulness Circle Programme (in English)

Wednesday Matca Programme (in Spanish)

Friday Matca Programme (in Spanish)

by Carolyn Usher

International Project Manager & Trainer/Coach

Carolyn joined Inova in 2011 and is a Project Manager, trainer and coach. She is passionate about development and supporting people to achieve their dreams. Carolyn has a PGCert in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University, BA in Communication and Cultural Studies and a MA in Cultural Policy and Management.

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