The objective of GLOBAL-SPIN is to promote effective internationalisation strategies in Academic Spin-Offs.

GLOBAL-SPIN aims to increase the competitiveness of European Academic Spin-Offs by supporting these organisation to deal effectively with the challenges of markets’ globalisation. We plan to support entrepreneurs in the decision making affecting the commercialisation of new products and services abroad and the competition. attraction and recruitment of global talent.

GLOBAL-SPIN goes above and beyond traditional approaches and methodologies in corporate learning to properly respond to the new training challenges of globalised (or trying to internationalise) academic Spin-Offs, and the need to assess the effectiveness of this learning at three levels: for employees, for managers and for organisations.

The project looks to boost innovation in business and higher education through the joint development of an innovative ICT based learning solution for a challenging issue: the demand of transnational entrepreneurship skills by the academic Spin-Offs teams to facilitate their survival and growth in the context of global markets.

Funded by:

Inova Education and Training