The Creatuse Project (Creative Urban Sharing in Europe) Project is an interactive guide promoting alternative ways of consumption and production as well as the reduction of waste. The key themes of the project are: the sharing economy; collaborative consumption; and active citizenship.

Creatuse is about learning to be creative in Urban areas thanks to the improvement of the level of key competences and skills of citizens.

In effect, the beneficiary is anyone living in an urban area that wants to find creative and alternative ways to feel more active, connected with the neighbours and also find a local job coming from stimulated entrepreneurship, for example social enterprises.

The economic crisis has highlighted the major role which Adult Learning (AL) can play in achieving the Europe 2020 goals. Adult learning provides a means of up-skilling or re-skilling those affected by unemployment, restructuring and career transitions, as well as making an important contribution to social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development.

The project aims to create a database of exploitable OER materials and methodologies, outputs and tools that adult learners can utilise to learn how to be part of, or create urban sharing communities.

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Community Sharing in Sheffield

03 October 2017

On Saturday 9th September, we hosted ‘Community Sharing in Sheffield’, an event celebrating the sharing and community initiatives that make Sheffield so unique and welcoming. The day was filled with a range of presentations and a World Café. We also…

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