E-KIT aims to launch a transnational training program devoted to European rural tourism providers.

It is a “Tourism e–Kit”, an online marketing program which can help SMEs of tourism sector to achieve more effective operation through online presence and communication. Nowadays entry to the digital market is essential for the enterprises, especially for small companies on remote, marginalised, rural areas, in order to be competitive on the tourism market.

The online learning materials can help for deepening the knowledge of stakeholders in the following areas: how to create a website and maintain it; how to use content management system; how to use search engine optimisation; the potential of social media and creating online marketing campaigns.

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E-KIT for Rural Tourism - Latest Project Newsletter

30 October 2017

Latest news from the E-KIT for Rural Tourism project... We've been working to develop online learning supporting rural businesses, especially those in tourism, to develop their digital marketing skills. The project comes to an end in October and we're pleased…

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