ELYME – Entrepreneurial Labs for Young Migrants Across Europe

Research has found that migrant entrepreneurship has become one of the driving forces of the growth of
national economies, with a direct impact on employment creation and innovation (OECD, 2010, Desiderio,
2014). In that scenario, immigrant entrepreneurship represents an unprecedented possibility to turn the
migration challenge into an opportunity, first of all for the migrants themselves. Nevertheless, migrant
entrepreneurs in the EU typically face greater obstacles to starting up, maintaining, and expanding their

The overall objective of this project is to support entrepreneurship among migrants already permanently
residing in the EU, in order for them to become self-confident, self-employed and build a successful
enterprise (profit-generating and/or with social objectives) in the host countries. The project will achieve this
objective by offering a targeted and comprehensive business creation support scheme that takes into
account the migrant and well as an inter-cultural approach.

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