Empowering Older Workers

Empowering LTU Older Workers project aims to facilitate long-term unemployed (LTU) aging (45+) adults to adapt to the changing requirements of the labor market and highly competitive economy and foster their labour market integration.

The project aims to help upskill, update and certify long term unemployed adults’ competences to be qualified, updated and upskilled to facilitate their labour market integration. It aims to serve individual training needs and improve existing counselling and training methodologies though the use of new, tailored, personalised approaches. Empowering Older Workers will also aim to strengthen the ICT skills and competences of professionals working with unemployed older workers, such as trainers, career advisors, etc, with a view to fostering the increased participation of older adults in lifelong learning and their employability prospects.

In this respect, the project will be developing new, effective, individualised training techniques and tools to support both career advisers and unemployed adults, in view of empowering the latter through changing their mindset, enhancing their skillset and building on their strengths, skills and interests to unlock their career potential.

Funded by:

Inova Education and Training