Project title:

FeedBack – Developing the practice of feedback to enhance learning through arts

Overall Aims:

To create innovative learning resources about the practice of feedback, supported by arts-based learning methods and deployed through different digital media, methods  and techniques.

Target group:

Educators, Trainers and Managers & HR professionals in non-formal learning environments.

Funded by:

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Feedback: The Three Questions Tree

28 August 2019

Feedback is an everyday activity in our lives: we are constantly rating brands or organisations online; we give feedback to the waiter at the restaurant, or we are keen to express our opinions on films or theatre plays… But what…

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Feedback is a gift

27 June 2019

A fabulous international workshop! Taking our next steps to design new learning resources, our project partner Regenerus hosted an international  training event for teachers, trainers and facilitators at The Investment Centre from 17th to 21st June 2019. Participants from the…

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