The IBIS programme is specifically focused on driving innovation in brand new start-ups. It is an initiative of the European Commission to develop a pan-European approach to growing start up businesses.

Inspired by the previous European Business Growth Catalyst (EBGC), IBIS has been developed to support the growth of start-ups based on a needs analysis from four European countries. Like EBGC, IBIS training is based on Systems Thinking and assists participants to reflect on their business, development and growth from new perspectives and to take positive action and steps leading to sustainable growth. Through action learning, the IBIS programme places learning in a practical environment and develops real skills to actively grow your company. The online material means training is available for busy start-up owners and staff at any time and place. All for the benefit of your company!

We also provide cutting-edge training and guidance material for trainers in business incubators, helping them to implement the IBIS programme for the benefit of start-ups in their organisation, helping them reach their full potential.

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