The Value project offers a targeted support scheme in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the United Kingdom to support young disadvantaged learners in Europe in the current economic landscape, where unemployment is high amongst their age group.

The Value project will provide innovative informal resources addressing the target audience of practitioners working with disadvantaged young people. The aim is to empower disadvantaged young people to overcome helplessness and increase employability. The project’s vision is to develop a new sense of civic engagement, positive control and active understanding of the management of change towards active and empathetic social mediation. It aims to support individuals in their progression to personal and professional development.


Partners involved in this project include:

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Upcoming Opportunities in 2022

16 November 2021

  Inova Consultancy is happy to announce that we have some exciting opportunities for you to be a part of in 2022. Whether you are interested in mentoring opportunities, training or a family well-being programme, we have something to suit…

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The 2nd Value Newsletter is out!

20 October 2021

  Read about the new project updates inlcuding its new website here.

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