Weight Matters

Across the UK an average of 1 in 4 adults are obese and more are overweight. Being obese or overweight is associated with a number of health problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.  It is estimated that obesity is the fourth largest risk factor contributing to deaths in England, after hypertension, smoking and high cholesterol.

In contrast to the belief that obesity is the result of an individual ‘eating too much and doing too little’, the Weight Matters project considers a range of factors, including the role of processed food and sugar and how ‘obesogenic’ environments often found in urban areas encourage unhealthy eating and inactivity.

Weight Matters is innovative in taking a holistic approach to individuals; it focuses on strengths-based coaching to shift mindsets in order to manage weight and sustain weight loss. The project aims to offer a sustainable model that empowers individuals with techniques they can use to motivate themselves. Participants will be able to change their mindsets in relation to weight literacy, and embed these new ways of thinking using a number of tools and techniques on their own or in a group setting.

If you want to know more about the Weight Matters project please email Rebecca at – admin@inovatraining.com

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News from the Weight Matters project!

17 October 2019

One of our most exciting projects has sadly come to an end but we're happy to share the latest news from Weight Matters! Weight Matters began in October 2017 with the aim of working to help lower obesity levels and…

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Launch of the Weight Matters eGuide: A Practitioners Guide to Developing a Healthy Mind and Body

17 October 2019

The Weight Matters project ended in September, however we still have a great range of resources available through our website! Our final offer is this fantastic, interactive eGuide which is aimed at practitioners and those working with adults to help…

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Weight Matters: Newsletter 3

27 August 2019

  The third Weight Matters newsletter is here! Find out all about the brilliant, free Coaching App developed as part of the e-Learning platform and read about the events that took place across Europe as part of the project!

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Weight Matters Newsletter 1

23 May 2019

  Take a look at the first Weight Matters newsletter, which was published in summer 2018, by clicking the link below. Here we presented the project, the partners and the results from the research, which took place in the early…

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Weight Matters Newsletter

09 April 2019

  Take a look at the second Weight Matters newsletter. Here we celebrate the success of the training, the Health Mentoring Circles and announce the opening of the Weight Matters platform! Register today to receive access to more information and…

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